Here's a few quotes lifted from emails in response to billie bites:

''This is AMAZING - the recipes are innovative and great for the whole family.  I am definitely going to try out the polenta and making scrambled eggs with just the yokes. 
 You need to write a cookery book for vegetarian mums and babies and become a food guru! 
I think your idea about trying out other tree nuts, rather than peanut butter, is a good one.  Now that there are so many nut spreads around, I will try out these on sandwiches first. 
 I've found a really quick and easy mash is bananas and avocado and now I use that as a spread on sandwiches.   I am also going to try mashing baked beans and putting it on toasted pita bread with cheese to make little pizzas for her.  Imogen used to like this... 
 Well done - it's fantastic and you should be very proud." From Dionne in New Zealand.

''WOW!!!!!! Wow, wow, wow, your blog is f****** marvelous! I've read a few blogs in the search for baby-info over the last year or so, and yours is simply the best, most well-written, most interesting and most entertaining one yet. Congrats. And thanks, you are now my new cook-book. Awesome.
Twins and study being how it is, I usually cook giant pots of food and freeze portions, I got a wistful tear in my eye reading your creative cooking ideas.
I avoided beans for ages because the kids were so farty anyway (= sleepless nights), but now I've made dhal a couple of times) with no adverse reactions, whew. 
I'm going to make every single recipe on your blog. I'll let you know how the kids like them : ) You are way more adventurous than me in what you give Billie to eat - I never even thought of spices! The poor kids are on straight veges - albeit organic ones. (by the way, they've started on millet, and it goes down a treat. I had to giggle yesterday, the way it looked all over Mia's face was just like your picture of Billie - it doesn't smear, it's kinda crumbly : ))'' From Jess in Germany.

''Sarah, this blog is awesome. You have a terrific writing style - easy to read and interesting''. From Julie in Sydney.

''Wicked I love it!!  I will def be experimenting with your recipes now!!  Maisie so far seems to be much the pescatarian, she's really not been keen on any of the meat dishes I've tried her with so I think your exciting veggie recipe ideas are going to come in extremely handy!!  I also have some sumac in the cupboard we bought for one recipe and haven't used it with anything else so I now have a great recipe for it!'' From Amanda in Australia

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