Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Where did that week go? By tomorrow it'll be almost a week since my last entry. But fear not - I have not left the kitchen. Just the computer - I've got blogging RSI.

Stay tuned for my first experiment with arancini balls, Billie's nutty foray, another take on burritos, a recipe to go with the muffin eye candy, and a journey into quick meals with a low dishes ratio.

Yes, this little project is exhausting the dish-washers of the house (Miles and I, Billie too short still) and now he's away in WA it's time to dream up creations that use the stove not the oven, and one pot instead of five.

 There's been a few recipe requests - so I'm going to start up a page to fulfill such needs. But tonight's one deserves its own - and can be found here:


Starter ideas for babies new to solids. Go forth and mush.


  1. A few folk have asked how to comment on this blog...simply click on the 'comment' tag at bottom of each post or page. You can register a google account etc, or just post under anom. and sign your name in the comment. I hope that helps. Thanks

  2. Hey I was thinking of you last night when I made this recipe http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/nigella-feasts/cornbread-topped-chili-con-carne-recipe/index.html
    Actually I just make the chilli and served it with rice. I know you would not make the con carne part but you make a great chilli and you like polenta so I wondered if you had every done cornbread topped chilli. Also I served yoghurt with the chilli instead of sour cream. I remember once having burritos at your place and thinking it was odd that you did that but it was actually OK and better for you than sour cream.

  3. Hi Hannah,
    Yes, actually I have done a few polenta/chilli bean combos. Miles has come up some very interesting varieties. Polenta goes with everything!
    Yeah, as long as you stick to full fat, good quality thick yoghurt - it's miles better than sour cream.