Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Some have been asking how the great slam cook-off went on Sunday...Very well thanks. Reports have all been positive.

Hard work though - might stick to catering for families rather than festivals. Had to make an extra spinach torte. Didn't have enough beetroot for 24 rice cakes so we made a batch of pumpkin and feta to make up the numbers. It's all in the planning...

There were a few oh-my-gawd-I-forgot-the....moments. But we got there in the end.

Twenty spoken word artists and crew were well fed, ready to hit the Sydney Theatre Company's main stage on Sunday evening for the Australian Poetry Slam National Final.
Thanks Annie

Special thanks to Annie (for being a fabulous sous chef) and Bravo for keeping Billie busy. Annie was very good at calming my nerves when I forgot to put the pumpkin in the muffins.

"That's strange, why is there not enough mixture to fill 24 muffin tins?"

"Oh my gawd I forgot the pumpkin - there it is sitting on the bench".

Luckily the muffins were not yet in the oven. Out the came from the 21 tins, and back in. But they tasted great - recipe to come.

20 food parcels almost ready to go

And a big congratulations to the 2010 Slam winner - the Northern Territory's Kelly-Lee Hickey.

Well done Miles Merrill and Word Travels for putting it all together.


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